Physical Assessment

After collecting your health data, we perform orthopedic tests in order to detect muscle and postural imbalances. This helps make the problem clearer and guide the whole treatment afterwards.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy includes techniques to release muscle tension, improve joint range of motion and neuromuscular coordination. Techniques include: massage therapy, myofascial release techniques, counterstrain, neuro-proprioceptive facilitation, cupping and tapping.

Training & Rehab

Become an expert in therapeutic exercises! stretching, proprioception and strengthening. Discover the sequence of exercises that responds to your problem and make sure it doesn’t come back. Click on ‘Courses’ in the top menu to access to the online program and see more than 20+ exercises.

After treatment, when applicable, every client is given access to online platform for exercicse program follow up and other feature like nutrition.

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